SponsorInvata Intralogistics
DateWednesday, March 22, 2023
Time2:30 PM - 3:15 PM
LocationEmerging Technologies & Sustainability Theater

What You Will Learn

Automation solutions are inherently risky, not just because they require a hugely complex mix of disparate equipment, process, and software, but because companies investing in them must do so based on a concept versus a fully-developed, proven product.

And given that each company has its own unique strategies and requirements, two solutions are rarely the same for different companies. So promises from a provider saying that they have done the same for another client shouldn’t be perceived as risk-free.

So how can you mitigate the risks involved in automation for your company?

In this seminar, we will examine three areas in the design process that are critical to the success of any automation project and show you how a new approach to handling each can virtually eliminate the risks in your next automation effort.

These areas are:

• Data (i.e. inventory/order attributes, relationships, and timings)
• Layout (i.e. physical layout and storage elevations)
• Process (i.e. interactions between resources to accomplish work)

For each area, we will discuss the steps needed to mitigate outcome risks and ensure you get fully fleshed-out solutions that have been proven to deliver based on your company’s unique business requirements. So you won’t be forced to invest in working concepts that may or may not deliver at a later date.

There are many approaches to the automation solutions design and development process in our industry, and the more clients understand about the differences between them, the savvier buyers they will become.

Please join us for this highly informative seminar.

Key Takeaways

You’ll learn about the critical role that modeling and iterative testing can play in eliminating risk in the design development process by proving-out best process approaches before any equipment is purchased.

You’ll learn about the limitations of many standard industry practices and how even the smallest assumptions by either the provider or client can increase the risk of unintended outcomes.


Daniel Mitus Invata Intralogistics Director of Intralogistics Science

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