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DateTuesday, March 21, 2023
Time12:00 PM - 12:45 PM
LocationTheater E

What You Will Learn

Metal prices were at an all-time high in 2022, including the rare-earth metals used in battery manufacturing. The main contributing factors were the COVID-related supply-chain disruptions in China and around the world, the Russian war on Ukraine, and subsequent US and EU sanctions against Russia. On the other hand, there is a continuing acceleration of demand for advanced lithium batteries in EVs, off-highway vehicles, material handling, and other industrial equipment upgrading from lead-acid batteries, and switching from diesel and propane-powered engines to electric.
Metal prices are expected to follow a “super-cycle” scenario: a rush of investors into raw materials production in 2022 results in a sharp decrease in prices in 2023-24, after which a new price surge is possible.
The long-term trend for electrification of industrial trucks and other equipment will continue. Lithium battery price increase is unequal for different chemistries, and a further increase in the share of LFP over NMC and NCA variants can be expected.

Key Takeaways

- Global metal prices are following the "super-cycle" of mining
- 2022 all-time-high prices for battery metals ushered a rush of investments into mining
- The price of kWh in a lithium battery increased for the first time over a decade
- Different lithium battery chemistries are unequally impacted by the rising metals prices
- MHE Electrification trend and lithium segment rapid development are not deterred by the increase in battery price


Tim Karimov OneCharge President

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