DateTuesday, March 21, 2023
Time12:00 PM - 12:45 PM
LocationTheater I

What You Will Learn

Members of MHI’s SLAM Industry Group discuss the business case for optimizing the last 100 feet of the warehouses, fulfillment, and distribution centers. With advances in high-tech robotics and smart systems being developed and implemented upstream (e.g. robotic picking, high tech ASRS systems, etc.) in fulfillment centers, it is important that you don’t lose sight of optimizing the end of the process so bottlenecks don’t get diverted to and accumulate at the end of the process, the last 100 feet. Learn what pain points and problems a SLAM system can solve, what the hidden benefits of a SLAM system are, and what kind of ROI you can expect.
This seminar will dive into why SLAM is the easiest, cost-effective way to fulfill the perfect order for each customer. Hear from SLAM members and learn why achieving the perfect order is the key to turning the fulfillment center into a profit center. The business cases will answer questions such as: which problems do SLAM systems solve? And what pain points do SLAM technologies alleviate? Learn about the solutions available to optimize the post-pick area, including automation products that address activities such as label application, sortation, packing slip printing and insertion, dimensioning, and value-added activities including personalized marketing inserts and order verification. SLAM systems are often overlooked but are a critical piece of the fulfillment process that needs to be optimized to get the most out of your warehousing, distribution, or fulfillment team.
Industry experts and SLAM members from PSI Engineering, SICK, and Leuze will discuss real-world scenarios their teams have encountered, the pain points and solutions that companies can provide.
MHI’s SLAM Industry Group are a collection of organizations, who specialize in areas within the Scan, Label, Apply, and Manifest areas of the fulfillment center. They are committed to be 100 feet ahead of “the last 100 feet” in warehousing, distribution, and fulfillment applications.

Key Takeaways

Learn about and hear the business case for the technologies and systems available to optimize the post-pick area, including tasks such as label application, sortation, packing slip printing and insertion, and value-added activities that take place at or near the end of the typical fulfillment process.


Stephen Pickfield PSI Engineering Co-CEO
John Ashodian SICK, Inc. Industry Marketing Manager | Logistics Automation
Kyle Little Leuze electronic, Inc. Key Account Manager - Intralogistics

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