SponsorMurata Machinery USA, Inc.
DateMonday, March 20, 2023
Time4:15 PM - 5:00 PM
LocationRobotics Theater

What You Will Learn

In today’s marketplace, people want their products without delay, and since the COVID lockdowns, they’ve become accustomed to fast & free delivery. Consumers' expectations for access to products and speed of delivery have rapidly risen, and it’s driving changes throughout industrial machinery, manufacturing, warehousing, and distribution market segments.

How organizations balance automated solutions and human intervention in response to labor challenges, customer demands, and space utilization requirements can increase operational efficiency and productivity while significantly reducing costs.

During this presentation, we will discuss how full system integration accelerates your business productivity to meet new market changes and delivery demands with speed, multi-channel efficiency, and high accuracy. We’ll also discuss ways to modernize and enhance process capabilities and review integrated options in storage, internal transport, sorting, sequencing, and picking that accommodate a wide range of production and order fulfillment requirements.

Key Takeaways

* Learn how customized, fully integrated systems can increase production and order fulfillment speed and accuracy.
* Evaluate ways to enhance process capabilities in storing, transporting, sorting, and picking materials.
* Identify key automation metrics when evaluating ROI.


Scott Matlock Murata Machinery USA General Manager, L&A Division

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Seminar sponsored by Murata Machinery USA, Inc..

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