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DateTuesday, March 21, 2023
Time3:45 PM - 4:30 PM
LocationTheater D

What You Will Learn

If you’re baling cardboard, you’re probably losing money. We know this goes against conventional wisdom. Most fulfillment and distribution centers believe their task is to identify which horizontal auto-tie baler will be the most efficient at producing high-density bales. What if a technology existed that produced bale-density payloads but eliminated most of the operational costs and headaches of producing bales? Welcome, the auger compactor.

Benefits of the auger compactor.

1.) You reclaim A LOT of valuable floor space for primary operations.
The auger is located outside and is fed via a conveyor and/or dumper through a dedicated dock door.
2.) No moving, stacking, or loading bales.
Once cardboard goes into the auger, it is compacted directly into the hauling (receiving) container.
3.) No chute jams or drag-back.
The auger’s feed opening is almost twice the size of a baler’s. In addition, the auger continuously rotates forward, eliminating jams caused by the cyclical back-and-forth
the motion of the baler’s compacting ram.
4.) Simple design for way lower maintenance.
The auger has one major moving part, the auger screw. A baler’s auto-tie system is complex and requires a full-time operator to keep everything running smoothly.
5.) A clean all-electric drive.
There is no more concern about hydraulic leaks.
6.) No expensive baling wire!
7.) Eliminates the processing and storage of flammable material inside your building.
The auger compactor processes cardboard into a hauling container’s metal enclosure, which has minimal oxygen access and is located outside your facility.

While it is true that mills will pay a $15 - $20 per ton premium for baled cardboard, when all your operational costs to bale are considered, we believe that the auger compactor will provide a superior return on investment. Many leading fulfillment and distribution centers have agreed with us. Come to the seminar to find out what they have discovered!

Key Takeaways

The process of baling costs more than the $15-$20 per ton baled premium the mill offers.
The auger compactor eliminates the high costs of baling and results in a superior ROI.
Many leading fulfillment and distribution centers have agreed.
Come to the seminar to find out what they have discovered!


Don Kurtz Komar Industries LLC. Area Sales Manager
Sheldon Smith Komar Industries LLC. Area Sales Manager
Dutchen Mitchell Komar Industries LLC. Marketing Specialist

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