SponsorOpen Sky Group
DateTuesday, March 21, 2023
Time12:30 PM - 1:15 PM
LocationTheater F

What You Will Learn

Don’t miss this dynamic, fireside chat session where you will discover what kinds of processes, programs and technology that Crate & Barrel, Encore Wire and Clemens Food Group are using to retain their existing warehouse labor and help them create their next generation of leaders.

Like our panel of experts, many individuals in supply chain got their start in a warehouse driving forklifts, completing pick orders, etc. and today they’re managing operations, automation, IT, and more. What helps make this progression possible?

Join Open Sky Group and this panel of supply chain experts as we talk about ways to successfully maximize and retain your existing warehouse labor by discovering, nurturing, and promoting employees to create your next gen workforce.

Key Takeaways

Key qualities to look for among your talent pool
What can you do now to help develop the people you have today
Tips on how to nurture/mentor your people into promotions


Jeremy Hudson Open Sky Group Sr. Director, Client Services
Matt Killough Encore Wire Director of Logistics
Anthony Grullon Clemens Food Group
William Spence Crate & Barrel Senior Director of Engineering & Planning

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Seminar sponsored by Open Sky Group.

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