DateMonday, March 20, 2023
Time12:00 PM - 12:45 PM
LocationTheater A

What You Will Learn

Transform your business and fend off competitors by leveraging modern technology to optimize your supply chain to avoid disruptions caused by pandemics and global unrest. Material planning, scheduling, and other digital strategies reduce late inventory receipts, improve time-to-market, streamline fulfillment, and automate operational and financial business processes facilitating sustainable growth.

The global pandemic and global unrest significantly disrupted global supply chains causing delays in material receipts with increased costs and unhappy customers. This session showcases strategies to leverage technology so you can take back control over your supply chain initiatives. Learn how to leverage technology to improve the order management process by automating and streamlining communication with vendors. Discover how to optimize inventory levels to ensure adequate stock while managing carrying costs and overhead. See how modern ERP software improves demand forecasting for better material planning and improved production scheduling. Understand how to protect supply chains by sourcing from other vendors or bringing critical processes in-house.

Real-world examples will be provided to illustrate how manufacturing peers are adapting to ever-changing supply chain requirements. This session is a must-attend event for every manufacturing business executive, regardless of the types of products you make.

Key Takeaways

• How to leverage ERP software to mitigate supply chain issues
• Digital strategies to improve supply chain collaboration
• How to improve forecasting for improved material planning and inventory replenishment
• How to automate warehouse and manufacturing transactions to improve data accuracy and throughput
• Unconventional strategies to take control over supply chain issues


Debbie Baldwin Acumatica Director Product Management (Manufacturing) at Acumatica

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Seminar sponsored by Acumatica.

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