SponsorGreen Cubes Technology
DateMonday, March 20, 2023
Time10:30 AM - 11:15 AM
LocationTheater A

What You Will Learn

Green Cubes Technology will review the state-of-the art technology showing how Li-ion is used today. By using customer case studies, we show the real-world benefits in safety, efficiency, and total cost of ownership for enterprise customers large and small. These case studies will highlight the benefits achieved using Lithium-ion batteries paired with high efficiency chargers and demonstrate best practices implemented to achieve these benefits.
Then, this session will present technology roadmaps and innovations planned for Lithium-ion batteries and chargers in the coming years. These innovations include accommodating the fastest charging technology just becoming available, wireless charging, higher voltages (400-800V), and integration with SaaS platforms for better service.

Key Takeaways

- Best practices for implementing Li-ion for lower TCO
- State-of-art battery and charger technology
- Roadmaps for new battery and charger technology


Robin Schneider Green Cubes Technology Director of Marketing

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Seminar sponsored by Green Cubes Technology.

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