DateTuesday, March 21, 2023
Time11:15 AM - 12:00 PM
LocationTheater D

What You Will Learn

The automation train is hurling towards us at 200 miles per hour, but most of us are still planning our itineraries. To avoid the collision course, this session brings together industry experts with diverse perspectives to provide insight on the state of automation, major milestones, where there is real urgency and what is hype, and where the key areas of investment should be. The discussion will focus on the pragmatics of contemporary supply chain execution, from vision to decision, stripping away as much of the glitter as possible in order to reveal the value drivers that will define meaningful investments in the coming months and years.

Key Takeaways

- What major automation technologies are being developed and deployed in North America and Europe.
- What key factors are driving the decision-making process for various automation strategies.
- How to evaluate the pragmatic benefits of automation within the context of vastly different operational frameworks.


Bill Denbigh Tecsys Vice President, Product Marketing
Ram Gopalakrishnan Bricz Founder & CEO
Eugene Demaitre Peerless Media LLC Editorial Director, Robotics 24/7

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