DateThursday, April 15, 2021
Time11:45 AM - 12:30 PM
LocationTheater F

What You Will Learn

For a modern warehouse to run effectively and efficiently, your workforce needs the right technology, and your technology needs a productive workforce. Striking a balance between these two resources means operational excellence, happier employees, less costly turnover and better retention rates; for those staffing warehouse jobs characterized by hard physical labor and long hours, in a labor market where there may be better pay just a short walk down the road, leveraging technology to attract and retain labor is critical.

This session will explore how to incorporate technology to work alongside employees—getting away from tedious, repetitive data and moving towards an engaging and dynamic user experience—to increase performance, improve employee retention and decrease onboarding costs. Technology can go above simply ‘getting the job done’; it can be used to offer flexible training, monitor and enhance employee user experiences, and even motivate your workforce.

Just as your warehouse leadership talent is crucially important to your operations, it is equally important for you to stay vested in the quality of their working conditions. Join us as we explore the shifting dynamics of the warehouse worker, the fierce competition for labor and new staffing challenges with the growing prominence of work-from-home options, and how warehouse technology can be a competitive advantage in pursuit of people-powered operational greatness.

It’s time for you to “win” the labor competition today!

Key Takeaways

• How to leverage technology in warehouse operations to simultaneously attract and retain employees while improving operational efficiency and accuracy;
• How to gain a competitive edge in the labor market by focusing on key influencing factors that attract and retain labor;
• Latest technologies for successful remote, real-time operational management.


John Reichert Tecsys Inc.
Keith Brereton Tecsys Inc.

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