Sponsored by Tompkins International

  • Date Monday, April 8, 2019
  • Time 3:00 PM - 3:45 PM
  • Location Theater G
  • Type Seminar

Presented By

Mike Futch - President
Tompkins Robotics
919.307.7486 (w)

Leif Jentoft - Co-Founder
RightHand Robotics
919.307.7486 (w)


What You Will Learn

We will discuss systems maximizing performance with mobile, scalable, flexible, and portable robotic solutions, making businesses more agile, adaptable, profitable, and successful in today’s dynamic marketplace. There is a new world of automation options on the market to enhance distribution operations that utilizes autonomous and fixed position robots. Traditionally, products are moved around a DC/FC using humans, human operated machines, or conveyor systems that have been around for decades. Although robots have been around for many years, until recently, they have been very limited in capability, functionality, and performance in the world of distribution and order fulfillment. Today, there are many types of robots available to help with DC/FC operational tasks. These robots can assist with loading, unloading, sorting, picking, transportation, storage, delivery, and quality audits. Robots helping with these tasks come in all shapes and sizes. They also use different forms of navigation and technology. This session will focus on the robots that assist with the picking and sorting of items that go into a unique order. In the past the focus for evaluating automation was typically about the Return On Investment (ROI). However, more and more companies are considering automation because they are not able to grow their capacity, staff their current manual operations, or meet customer requirements. Projects that traditionally focused on cost reductions are increasingly focused on the ability to get orders to customers, particularly in peak seasons. To meet this demand, there are robotic solutions that have been developed that focus on automated solutions for distributors. Tompkins Robotics, a business unit of Tompkins International, is focused on the robotic automation of distribution operations. Our primary system t-Sort consist of autonomous mobile robots that sort a wide range of items and parcels to consolidation points. t-Sort is the world’s first portable, automated material handling sortation system that is creating a huge paradigm shift in the supply chain and how the basic distribution function of order fulfillment is accomplished. RightHand Robotics (RHR) is a leader in providing end-to-end solutions that reduce the cost of eCommerce order-fulfillment of electronics, apparel, grocery, pharmaceuticals, and countless other industries.Unlike traditional factory robots that can be complex to set up and are singly purposed, RHR solutions are simple to integrate and adaptable to improve the utilization of many different customer workflows.

Key Takeaways

• Understand the drivers of the automation revolution in distribution
• Understand the range of robotic systems available
• Learn about some key players and their main features
• Learn some guidelines on how to best leverage robotic automation for your operation


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