Sponsored by Numina Group Inc.

  • Date Wednesday, April 10, 2019
  • Time 3:45 PM - 4:30 PM
  • Location Theater B
  • Type Seminar

Presented By

Dan Hanrahan - President
Numina Group
(630) 343-2604 (w)

Mark Bogaczyk - President
MMPEX Systems
(414) 899-8480 (w)


What You Will Learn

Voice picking unites workers and autonomous robots and enables batch order picking. Autonomous/collaborative robots, often referred to as “Co-bots”, are essentially lower cost self-guided automated vehicles (AGV’s). This technology is highly suitable for transporting batch order pick carts, and replaces an operator’s non-value manual labor of pushing carts when picking, and moving pick complete orders to the pack area. Automating the movement of dense order pick carts is a more effective process compared to discrete order mobile picking robots, and traditional conveyor zone picking systems. Smart, mobile Co-bots can take the place of conveyors or work in tandem with conveyor systems to transport orders throughout the operation at higher efficiency than before. Co-bots combined with a Tier 1 Voice picking system acting as the central dispatch center perform “Uber like services” coordinating the workers and Co-bot’s movements in the pick and pack validation process for increased throughput across the operation. Co-bots increase throughput and decrease pick labor, reduce order processing time, and improve material movement in distribution centers. Merging top performing voice technology with automated transport technology boosts productivity while directing worker movement and picking tasks. Co-bots are already changing the way materials move within manufacturing operations, and will soon become a game changing technology used to improve batch order picking by eliminating mundane, low value tasks and operator fatigue caused by manually pushing manual push carts with loads of 1,000 lbs or greater. The latest Co-bots have the towing capacity to transport more order density per cart than a man to goods zone routing operation. The Co-bot automatically transports and routes multiple pre-loaded carts containing 20 or more order cartons from the cart build area to the required SKU storage locations, maneuvering around obstacles, fork trucks, and people, in a fast, safe, and efficient manner. It travels in the proper pick sequence, bypassing zones without pick demand. At completion of the final pick task on the cart, the Co-bot delivers the cart to a conveyor unload zone, or to the pack station and then picks-up empty carts that are ready to be picked, and returned to the order start area. Voice as the Catalyst Uniting Workers and Robots Multi-modal voice technology is well suited to direct workers in a hands free and eyes focused operation to complete the picking tasks, while also serving as the central dispatch center to coordinate the movement of the Co-bots and workers. The voice software manages worker movement within the zones based on the orders released. Orders are prioritized, optimized, and assigned to a cart. Carts containing the optimized batch of orders based on factors like SKU movement, required pick locations, and zones, increase the travel path efficiency. By increasing zone pick density along the travel path, the pickers walk less and perform more picking in a shorter time period, and can be dynamically directed to adjacent pick zones based on work demand. Voice Directed Co-bot autonomous batch cart routing and transport optimizes picking and movement from zone to zone, while proving a 99.98% - 99.99% pick-pack validation accuracy, and 25% or more higher efficiency than a voice picker using a manual batch cart, significantly outperforming autonomous robots.

Key Takeaways

1. Collaborative robots “co-bots” work in partnership with workers to minimize wasted walk time.
2. High density batch pick carts containing 20 or more orders increase lines per hour pick rates.
3. Co-bots eliminate operator fatigue and speed up order flow across pick and pack areas.
4. Voice and robots reduce the labor required to process orders and enable workers to focus on high value tasks.


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