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1) The New Warehouse
Booth # N6175


2) Jamison Door Co.
Booth # N6551

Quality Doors for Cold Storage and Specialty Applications

3) Rotational Molding of Utah
Booth # N6653

Plastic Pallet Solutions. Custom solutions at off-the-shelf pricing. We specialize in designing, developing, and manufacturing plastic pallets specifically for your unique product, plant or industry. Utilizing both rotational and compression molding processes, we have the expertise and capabilities ...

4) Crown Plastics Company
Booth # N6657

DuraSurf Chute and Conveyor Linings

5) Propane Education and Research Council
Booth # N6751

Propane Education and Research Council

6) Webber/Smith Associates Inc.
Booth # N6757

specializing in the design of food manufacturing and food distribution facilities

7) PAC Machinery Group
Booth # N6857

The PAC Machinery family of companies offers what we believe to be the most comprehensive range of heat sealing equipment and bagging materials in the flexible packaging industry. In a larger sense, our companies manufacture much more than machines and bags: We deliver dependable, fulfillment packaging ...

8) Cornerstone Automation Systems, LLC
Booth # N6951

Automated checkweigh systems,sortation systems, in-line scales, case openers

9) EffiMat Storage Technology A/S
Booth # N6953

EffiMat Storage Technology provides efficient day-to-day parts management across the entire value chain. Whether for small, medium, or large companies, whether for logistics, E-Commerce or industry: Wherever small parts are being processed, we provide tailored solutions for their handling and storage, ...

10) Kraft Machines Inc.
Booth # N6960

Kraft Machines is the U.S. subsidiary of G. Kraft Maschinenbau GmbH, a global provider of automated manufacturing solutions. At Kraft Machines, we work with companies looking to capitalize on the financial and workflow advantages of designing, cutting and producing mass customized corrugated packaging ...

11) TiMOTION USA, Inc.
Booth # N6968

Electric Linear Actuators, Lifting Columns, Height Adjustable Tables

12) JIE USA Inc.
Booth # N7056

JIE Total Drive Solutions Provider Since 1988. Gearmotors, gearboxes, electric motors, VFDs etc.

Booth # N7071

Slings, straps and harnesses for warehouse scanners and handheld devices

14) OPEX Corporation
Booth # S2903

Warehouse Automation Equipment

15) Locus Robotics
Booth # S2912

Our innovative, multi-bot picking system significantly improves productivity by eliminating unproductive walking time. Workers no longer have to push archaic, carts or walk behind slow-moving, follow-bot picking systems that limit productivity and increase cycle times. You’ll process more orders faster, ...

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