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1) FlexSim Software Products
Booth # S261

FlexSim is 3D simulation modeling software for manufacturing and supply chain operations, transforming your existing data into accurate predictions. Our clients are involved in process improvement. They’re typically concerned about impending changes in their operations, or they're frustrated with a process ...

2) Ivanti
Booth # S152

Ivanti Supply Chain (originally Wavelink) helps organizations leverage modern technology in the warehouse and across the supply chain to improve delivery without modifying backend systems. The company also unifies IT and Security Operations to better manage and secure the digital workplace. Ivanti is ...

3) Juniper Systems, Inc.
Booth # S2993

Juniper Systems designs and manufactures rugged handheld computers for use in extreme environments, with a focus on quality and reliability. Their data-collecting products include the Allegro 2™, Archer 2™ and Mesa® Rugged Notepad, which are compatible with the IDBLUE RFID reader, are dustproof and waterproof, ...

4) Packsize International LLC
Booth # S3923

An award-winning supply chain and sustainable packaging industry leader in North America, Europe, and Asia-Pacific founded in 2002, Packsize® International offers right-sized packaging, on demand, for the corrugated marketplace. On Demand Packaging solutions from Packsize include an expert mix of hardware, ...

5) Quest Solution
Booth # N8423

Mobile supply chain solutions.

6) Rotational Molding of Utah
Booth # N6653

Plastic Pallet Solutions. Custom solutions at off-the-shelf pricing. We specialize in designing, developing, and manufacturing plastic pallets specifically for your unique product, plant or industry. Utilizing both rotational and compression molding processes, we have the expertise and capabilities ...

7) Sarcos Robotics
Booth # N7568

Sarcos Robotics is the world leader in industrial robotic systems that augment human performance by combining human intelligence, instinct, and judgment with the strength, endurance, and precision of machines to enhance employee safety and productivity. Leveraging more than 25 years of research and development, ...

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