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1) AC Business MediaMHI Member
Booth # N9820

Publications: Supply & Demand Chain Executive and Food Logistics

2) Automation Controls GroupMHI Member
Booth # N6320


3) Automation Plus, Div. of CSF IncorporatedMHI Member
Booth # S4938

Motorized carts and pallet handling

4) Blower Application CompanyMHI Member
Booth # S204

Recycling Systems for Distribution and Fulfillment Centers.

5) Blue Line BatteryMHI Member
Booth # S3255

We build high performance batteries for uses such as electric bikes, power storage, trolling and RC.

6) Caljan Inc.MHI Member
Booth # S4749

Telescope belted conveyors, telescopic roller conveyors, belted power curve conveyors, vacuum assist device

7) Carron Net Company, Inc.MHI Member
Booth # S1814

Conveyor, rack and safety netting

8) Custom Built Plastic PalletsMHI Member
Booth # N6227

Manufacturer of Plastic Pallets

9) Exponential Power, Inc.MHI Member
Booth # S1484

Manufacturer of Forklift Batteries, Stationary Batteries, UPS Batteries & Battery Testing Equipment

10) Grammer Inc.MHI Member
Booth # S5137

Forklift Seat Manufacturer

11) Handle It Inc.MHI Member
Booth # S261

Manufacture floor mounted safety equipment, dock equipment, ergonomic equipment, packaging equipment and other material handling products to serve the needs of industrial customers.

12) Lift Products, Inc.MHI Member
Booth # S316

Lift Tables and Ergonomic Material Handling Products

13) Manitou North AmericaMHI Member
Booth # S2288

Lift trucks

14) Matthews Automation SolutionsMHI Member
Booth # S4307

Supply Chain Automation Solutions

15) MiTek Mezzanine SystemsMHI Member
Booth # N6933