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1) Vanderlande Industries, Inc.MHI Member
Booth # S603

Vanderlande provides warehouse automation solutions for today’s most dynamic e-commerce, retail and omnichannel customers. Our fully integrated approach solves the complex needs of the world’s leading companies with a complete portfolio of innovative systems, intelligent software, and full life-cycle ...

2) Aerocom Systems, Inc.MHI Member
Booth # S3471

Aerocom USA provides a solution for reducing or eliminating the need-to-walk items, especially the repetitive task handling production samples that need to be regularly brought to a laboratory for testing. This can be a potential production bottleneck that wastes time and causes inefficiency. Aerocom ...

3) AGILOX North America, Inc.MHI Member
Booth # N7316

Intelligent guided vehicles.

4) AlmasonsMHI Member
Booth # S4070

Almasons products extend the capabilities of traditional enterprise software packages in a fast and cost-effective way compared to custom systems integration. Founded in 2013 by SAP WMS experts, we have built our reputation on responsive and effective solutions in four key areas: Enterprise System Integration ...

5) Apache Mills, Inc.MHI Member
Booth # S3485

Ergonomic floor matting

6) ASG Services LLCMHI Member
Booth # S309

Warehouse identification systems.

7) BHD Storage Solutions-USAMHI Member
Booth # N6254

8) Blickle U.S.A. Wheels & CastersMHI Member
Booth # S1838

Wheels and casters

9) Boplan USA Inc.MHI Member
Booth # S244

Safety Products

10) Boplan USA Inc.MHI Member
Booth # S241

Safety Products

11) BriczMHI Member
Booth # S4272

Supply Chain Solutions Services

12) Capstone Logistics, LLCMHI Member
Booth # N6246

Supply Chain Management & Freight Transportation Services

13) CoGri USA Inc.MHI Member
Booth # N8144

CoGri USA is a provider of high-quality industrial concrete flooring solutions. We are part of the CoGri Group, a consortium of international flooring experts with over 33 years of global experience in the design, testing, surveying, and constructing of concrete floors for warehouses, fulfilment, retail, ...

14) DeposcoMHI Member
Booth # S4179

Manufacturer of WMS Software

15) Doosan Industrial Vehicle America Corp.MHI Member
Booth # S3559

Doosan Industrial Vehicle America Corporation (DIVAC) is headquartered in a 200,000-square foot facility in Buford, Georgia, and home to its Sales, Service, Marketing, Parts, and Warehousing departments. The U.S. headquarters houses a state-of-the-art parts operation, supplying over 30,000-line items ...

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