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1) Conveyco TechnologiesMHI Member
Booth # S418

Conveyco is one of the leading systems integrators in North America for over 40 years. We aid organizations in improving their distribution, order fulfillment and warehousing operations. By focusing on our seven-step RightFIT methodology, we guide our customers to reaching optimum performance... today, ...

2) Rajant CorporationMHI Member
Booth # N8550

Rajant Kinetic Mesh solves Wi-Fi problems. Unlike other options requiring expansive infrastructure, Rajant wireless networking helps automated and autonomous indoor systems maintain the continuous mobile connectivity that they need every day. With this unique “always-on” extended range network, indoor ...

3) sSy.aiMHI Member
Booth # N8830SP

sSy.ai uses AI/ML to transform STANDARD cameras into accurate sensors (International patent, PCT, Level 3 Invention). Besides object recognition, our disruptive technology allows the extraction of METRIC DATA (Indoor tracking, distance, speed, etc.) of any asset/object in the warehouse. The transformation ...

4) AlmasonsMHI Member
Booth # S4070

Almasons products extend the capabilities of traditional enterprise software packages in a fast and cost-effective way compared to custom systems integration. Founded in 2013 by SAP WMS experts, we have built our reputation on responsive and effective solutions in four key areas: Enterprise System Integration ...

5) BarTender by Seagull Scientific, Inc.MHI Member
Booth # S2493

The world’s leading supply chains in every industry trust BarTender to create and print over 40 billion of the labels, barcodes, documents, and RFID encodings that keep their products moving, traceable, and safe. With corporate headquarters in Bellevue, Washington, USA, and branch offices in Madrid, ...

6) FL-Simulators Inc.MHI Member
Booth # S3771

Forklift-simulator is the leading virtual reality solution for logistics and the easiest, safest and most effective way to screen, train and protect your forklift operators. Used by leading companies to screen and train their workforce in virtual reality. With Forklift-Simulator there are no training ...

7) Keen ResearchMHI Member
Booth # N9827

Keen Research develops SDKs and software tools for on-device speech recognition on mobile devices and custom hardware platforms, including standalone AR/VR headsets. KeenASR SDK is based on a state-of-the-art speech recognition engine with Deep Neural Network at its core, and it includes a variety ...

8) Lexicon Tech SolutionsMHI Member
Booth # S1820

Technology breaks… we fix it! For 25 years, Lexicon has provided large-scale technology repairs for companies that include Amazon, Crate & Barrel, The Quikrete Companies, and the U.S. Postal Service. We specialize in component-level repairs for mobile computers, direct thermal and thermal transfer printers, ...

9) LUCID Vision Labs, Inc.MHI Member
Booth # N8527

LUCID Vision Labs, Inc. designs and manufactures innovative machine vision cameras and components that utilize the latest technologies to deliver exceptional value to customers. Our compact, high-performance GigE Vision cameras are suited for a wide range of industries and applications such as factory ...

10) Optimal Discovery LLCMHI Member
Booth # S2516

We offer three fully integrated solutions to optimize warehouse picking operations: • Optimal Warehouse is an AI-powered SKU Slotting solution accessible to users of all experience levels with unmatched visualization capabilities. • Optimal Picking is a next-generation voice picking system that leverages ...

11) PicaviMHI Member
Booth # S3459

Pick-by-vision expert with long-standing expertise in intralogistics and wearables. Proven turnkey solution and accompanying BI and IT software for warehouse optimization. Users wearing smart glasses are given strict and user-friendly “visual guidance” to complete processes in a warehouse, manufacturing ...

12) Scanbot SDK MHI Member
Booth # N9727

Scanbot SDK offers a B2B product that allows enterprises to integrate barcode scanning, document scanning, and data extraction capabilities into their mobile (iOS / Android) and web apps. The Scanbot Barcode Scanner SDK is an easy-to-use, fast and reliable solution for your barcode scanning needs. With ...

13) Schneider ElectricMHI Member
Booth # S1037

Is your warehouse logistics infrastructure ready for today’s needs and tomorrow’s challenges? At Schneider Electric, our solutions focus on helping our customers transform from aged infrastructure to tomorrow’s digital landscape in a non-disruptive way. By digitally connecting people, assets, and operations, ...

14) SEWIOMHI Member
Booth # S349

Sewio is the manufacturer of a real-time location system (RTLS) for indoor tracking that drives business results for companies in the intralogistics, retail, sport, entertainment, and livestock industries. The Sewio system is built on ultra-wideband technology (UWB) and delivered with RTLS Studio, remote ...

15) St. Onge CompanyMHI Member
Booth # S3364

St. Onge Company is a world-recognized supply chain strategy and logistics consulting firm with more than 1000 clients around the globe. Our discovery-driven approach brings together the elements of supply chain logistics, engineering and operations to ensure that the challenges you face will be met ...

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