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1) Shanghai Seer Intelligent Technology CorporationMHI Member
Booth # N8155

Shanghai Seer Intelligent Technology Corporation (SEER) is a one-stop solution provider for intelligent manufacturing and smart logistics. The company is committed to the construction of core control infrastructure and providing controller, AMR, logistics digitalization and visual AI solutions to help ...

2) SynkratoMHI Member
Booth # N6256

Next-Gen Logistics Platform

3) Dexterity RoboticsMHI Member
Booth # S3391

Robots-as-a-Service solutions for automating pick and place tasks in warehouses, logistics, and supply chain

4) Logistics Business MagazineMHI Member
Booth # S5335


5) AccerionMHI Member
Booth # N8529

Indoor positioning for mobile robots and autonomous vehicles

6) AC Business MediaMHI Member
Booth # N9820

Publications: Supply & Demand Chain Executive and Food Logistics

7) Hoist MagazineMHI Member
Booth # N10129

Hoist Industry Publication

8) SupplyChainBrainMHI Member
Booth # N9033

Supply Chain Management Publication

9) Ing. O. Fiorentini SpAMHI Member
Booth # N8723

Industrial Cleaning Scrubbing Machines

10) Intelligent Dispensing Solutions (IDS)MHI Member
Booth # N8517

Inventory control and asset management solutions

11) FY Industries, LLCMHI Member
Booth # S321

The FY-1 Empty Pallet Return was developed by FY Industries. Developed for employees to handle heavy and awkward pallets much easier and safer. It allows the worker to easily stack up to 7 pallets into the pallet staging area and then letting The FY-1 Empty Pallet Return do the rest.

12) BlueCrestMHI Member
Booth # N6336

Parcels processing, industry leading components for imaging, conveying and sorting.

13) Canon Business Process ServicesMHI Member
Booth # N6035

Print, Robotics, Warehouse & Distribution Services

14) Panther FreightMHI Member
Booth # S1834

15) Agility RoboticsMHI Member
Booth # S1031

Bipedal robot for last 50 ft. delivery of packages

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