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31) Mallard Manufacturing CorporationMHI Member
Booth # S2513

Gravity flow conveyor products

32) Maren Balers & ShreddersMHI Member
Booth # S115

Automated baler

33) MHEDA - Material Handling Equipment Distributors AssociationMHI Member
Booth # S3795

Trade association

34) Mid America Paper RecyclingMHI Member
Booth # N6654

Waste & Recycling Solutions

35) Mitsubishi Electric Automation, Inc.MHI Member
Booth # N7915

Factory Automation Systems

36) Noblelift Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd.MHI Member
Booth # S1568

Hand hydraulic power truck, electric and manual stacker

37) Numina Group Inc.MHI Member
Booth # S3718

Material Handling Automation and Systems Integration

38) pentanova GmbHMHI Member
Booth # S2794

Light duty skid conveyor with lift station

39) Power Electronics International, Inc.MHI Member
Booth # S1713

Electronic crane controls

40) PregisMHI Member
Booth # S4982

manufacutrer of specialty packaging products

41) Rocla AGV SolutionsMHI Member
Booth # S1231b

Automated material handling solutions (AGV/AMR); manage Mixed Fleet Ecosystem (automated and manual forklifts) with Rocla FleetController software. Industry-specific manufacturing and warehouse automation solutions.

42) Savety Yellow ProductsMHI Member
Booth # S2591

43) SAVOYE North America Inc.MHI Member
Booth # N7516

ASR Shuttle system, GTP station, cpnveypr, WES software, and logisytics ssolutions.

44) SignodeMHI Member
Booth # S3531

Stretch Wrapping Equipment

45) Stow US Inc.MHI Member
Booth # N6065

Racking, shuttles, mezzanines, and storage solutions.

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