The Software Project Manager (SPM), Software (WCS) and Controls (PLC)) will be proficient in all aspects of the Project Manager position (see Project Manager Job Description/Software and Controls), inclusive of managing technical requirements and integrity of software, controls and system integration, while expanding on the basic mission of customer satisfaction and financial success.

Position Description:
The SPM will be capable of managing our larger, higher risk and software centric type projects either on their own or in conjunction with another Project Manager. He or she will support, supervise, and mentor other Project Managers and/or Integration Coordinator(s) assigned, thereby helping team members with less experience or less developed skills sets to grow.

The SPM is responsible for ensuring that our clients have a good overall experience. This means that the clients will know that issues and his concerns were addressed quickly, fairly and professionally and that updates were provided every step of the way.

The SPM will use post-salesmanship skills to make sure the client will want to be a DMW&H customer in the future, recognizes DMW&H’s added value, and that a positive relationship between the project’s overall Project Manager (and Project Manager if assigned) is established or continues to grow. In many cases, the Project Manager will need to assist a Project Manager to establish a presence with a client to attain these goals.

The Project Manager must possess a high degree of efficiency in all the areas described in the Project Manager position as well as the areas listed below.
1. Understand customer business and operational needs.
2. Analyze what has been proposed/sold and compare it to the way the customer does business and make sure we are supplying a system that meets what we sold as well as the customers’ expectations and needs.
3. Responsible for maintaining accuracy and providing timely updates to meet financial requirements and reporting needs, included but not limited to project budgets, OPS reporting, project variances and billing schedules associated with software related projects.
4. Identify and mange discrepancies between the sales offer and the Functional Requirements Specification (operationally, physically and financially) in the early stages of the project and during the development of functional requirement specifications (FRS).
5. Skillful in managing our customer’s expectations and building or maintaining a strong professional relationship.
6. Capable of delivering projects that accurately meet the customer’s requirements which are on time and within budget. Must understand DMW&H’s financial goals and be able to balance project decisions against the budget.
7. Solid understanding of material handling (integration of equipment, individual components, rates, software, controls, etc.)
8. Understand DMW&H basic controls concepts and system architecture.
9. Should have good post-salesmanship skills to obtain orders for enhancements and follow-up orders.
10. Responsible for developing software project schedules, FRS, training documentation.
11. Assist system analysis as needed in proposal definition and creation.
12. Assist sales activities as required.
13. Assist mechanical engineering in checking design drawings from a system point of view and again for field readiness.
14. Develop Acceptance Test Plans and system reference guides
15. Identify and manage issues up to and including problem resolution.
16. Assist in all software related testing, insure integrity of all software related components
17. Liaison to software developers
18. Ability to perform customer training

1. Material handling background a plus.
2. Analytically adept, to include having technical savviness within their repertoire.
3. Assist in testing and insuring accuracy related to software and integration.
4. Excellent problem-solving skills with the ability to having foresight in predicting application issues related to software and related processes.
5. Strong interest in software and controls.
6. Excellent time-management skills.
7. Excellent written and verbal communication skills.
8. Comfortable interfacing with customers, consultants and upper management.
9. Self-motivator.
10. Superior work ethic.
11. Creativity a plus.
12. MS Word, MS Excel and MS Project required. AutoCAD, Access, Microsoft Sequel Server and SQL is a plus.

Four-year degree in a related field; engineering, operations research, information technology or project management preferred, or related job experience.
Two-year technical degree or higher or equivalent experience.

Travel to job sites and possible extended stays (1 day to 2 weeks) is a requirement for this position. Majority of travel is during the work week; however, weekend work may be required on some projects. Average frequency of travel is approximately one to two times per month.


Posted Date4/14/21
Job TypeFull Time
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CountryUnited States of America

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Information Technology
Project Management

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