RightPick: The Piece Picking Solution

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Summary of Innovation

The RightPick product platform is an autonomous robotic piece-picking machine that handles the core task of picking and placing individual items as part of a wide range of workflows and processes in warehouse fulfillment operations. RightPick combines an intelligent gripper, computer vision, artificial intelligence and machine learning, resulting in what we refer to as “hand, eye, coordination.” This integrated solution meets the need for handling a wide range of items, as well as the rate and reliability demands for our customers worldwide. RightPick is already in use for ASRS (i.e. goods-to-person) tending and sorter induction. For 2019, we are introducing our put wall offering.

RightHand’s new put wall offering automates a common task that is part of existing workflows used in both manual and highly automated facilities. The system integrates new robotic skills, including barcode identification, placement to an array of cubbies (horizontal bin locations), and an integration with conventional put-to-light systems. The task sequence is to pick an individual item from a tote, capture the barcode and communicate to the host system, place to the designated order cubby, and confirm the completed task to the warehouse control software. The system also features integrated exception handling mechanisms and alert capabilities. These innovations allow conversion of existing put walls into robotic put walls, providing reliable throughput and productivity to our customers.

Innovation Statement

The key innovation is the ability to integrate new robotic skills and intelligence into the core RightPick product platform, thereby extending the range of available solutions for warehouse operators, in both retrofit and greenfield scenarios. The put wall offering exemplifies this building block approach, leveraging capabilities developed for ASRS tending and sorter induction with new functions specific to the put wall workflow.


The RightPick put wall offering is significant to any ProMat attendee who struggles to fill warehouse fulfillment roles involving a highly repetitive task and dealing with high employee turnover, solving for that with an automated robotic solution that can plug into an existing operation, is easy to scale, and typically provides ROI in 18 to 24 months or less.


Posted Date 1/11/19
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