iBOS Charger Splitter

Posted by Philadelphia Scientific LLC (booth # S231)

Summary of Innovation

Studies show the average charger is only being utilized 22% of the time. With the development of the iBOS Charger Splitter, this will make your battery fleet more productive. The Charger Splitter uses half the chargers you're currently using, at half the cost! This innovation allows a forklift operator to sequentially charge two batteries with one charger. Once one battery is complete from charger, the Charger Splitter alerts the operating via a flashing white LED to disconnect the charger and plug it into another paired battery.

A product of a lean manufacturing practices, the Charger Splitter allows your battery room to be used at full potential. When paired with the iBOS battery management system, the iBOS Charger Splitter enables you to reduce the number of batteries and chargers you'll need. Fewer batteries and fewer charges combined with higher charger usage and lower installation costs result in impressive ROI for almost any size battery room.

Innovation Statement

The iBOS Charger Splitter becomes the greatest component to right size your battery fleet due to the ability to lower cost savings, increase charger utilization, and practice better battery management.


Unlock your savings potential in your battery room with iBOS Charger Splitter: Half the chargers, half the cost.


Posted Date 12/03/18
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