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Summary of Innovation

Hydrogen fuel cells present a compelling business case as an alternative to lead acid batteries and other forklift power options. Their use is helping provide solutions for 6 key challenges facing today’s multi-shift forklift operations: productivity, workplace health, corporate sustainability, space utilization, energy supply, and total cost of ownership. The fuel efficiency of fuel cells is a critical factor in the solution and its impact. Given that the industrial mobility market is currently one of the fastest growing sectors using fuel cell technology today, innovations in fuel efficiency are strongly relevant to today’s supply chain professional.

The Nuvera® Fuel Cell System is a line of fuel cell power products distinguished by innovation: a patented fuel cell design that optimizes fuel reactions to increase electrical output for electric rider, narrow aisle and motorized hand trucks. A recent product demonstration in a manufacturing facility with existing fuel cell operations highlights the results of this innovation. Nuvera® Fuel Cell Systems showed increased runtimes of at least 15% alongside other comparable fuel cell products to power the same vehicles and perform the same routine and uncontrolled operations in an actual multi-shift, high-demand application. (These results are specific to power profiles of the application.) The efficiency increases created by Nuvera’s fuel cell offer a compounding impact on productivity, fuel and labor savings. Field results are supported by ongoing product testing indicating sustainable high-efficiency performance. And, a growing sales pipeline (as reported in the Nuvera outlook of Hyster-Yale Materials Handling’s Third Quarter 2016 results) further suggests the compelling return on investment (ROI) Nuvera® Fuel Cell Systems can provide.

Innovation Statement

The industrial forklift market has demonstrated that fuel cell power offers a compelling business case to solve for some of today’s key supply chain challenges. Nuvera is helping to further lead fuel cell innovation with patented stack architecture that optimizes fuel reactions to increase electrical output and fuel efficiency.


Forklift power presents one of the fastest growing markets for fuel cell technology today by transforming key facility challenges into opportunities, and Nuvera® Fuel Cell Systems are providing the innovation in fuel cell efficiency for productivity, energy and labor savings to truly power that transformation.


Posted Date 1/16/17
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