Geek Sorting System

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Summary of Innovation

Powered by Geek+ Sorting System, parcels sortation volume has exceeded 600,000 pcs/day in China Post Wuhan Distribution Center. It’s the first project in China that achieved full-function Robotic intelligent sorting technology for express industry, the first distribution center that adopts 3D modules for collaborative operations, and simultaneous sorting of large to small sized parcels.

Innovation Statement

The deployment of Geek+ Sorting Robots in the 5000 m2 warehouse has greatly improved the operating efficiency: 320 units of robots can sort 20,000 parcels per hour, saving 50%-70% manual cost. Among them, 80 units are large-sized robots with 100KGS payload, which solved the problem of overweight parcels sortation; and 240 units of small-sized robot with 10 KGS payload.

Compared with the traditional automatic sorter, the advantages of the intelligent robot sorting system are significant:
1.High Efficiency. Geek Sorting System’s sorting rate is 1.5-2 times higher than traditional system.
2.Ease-of-use. Simple operation and no complicated training required.
3.Better working environment. Tidy and friendly environment for workers, and less labor density.
4.On-demand deployment. Flexible schedule on robots quantity to meet different sorting requirements.


Geek sorting system could be applied in the distribution center of postal and express industry, saving 80% labor cost compared with the traditional sorting system.


Posted Date 11/23/18
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