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Summary of Innovation

Pivot.al pairs with your existing WMS and MES systems to manages all of your operational resources, including humans, robots, legacy automation, and manual equipment. It ensures resilient and optimal performance by allocating tasks based on resource capabilities, availability, and location. Pivot.al combines dynamic material flow optimization, resource allocation, and multi-agent coordination across all Vecna robots in a facility, including features such as power management and opportunistic charging; traffic management; performance monitoring and adjustments in real time to shifting priorities or unexpected errors / delays; and optimal distribution of tasks based on current status, availability, minimizing travel distances, etc.
Throughout the course of operations, pivot.al dynamically scales with varying demands, including adjustments to unexpected spikes or blockages, and will increase or decrease the active fleet to always optimally match the current load while simultaneously optimizing charge cycles and power management.

Finally, it is important to note that pivot.al is not just limited Vecna’s mixed fleet of robots – it can also take into 3rd party automation systems, manually-operated equipment, and employees directly on the warehouse or factory floor. In fact, one of the first deployments of pivot.al was a collaboration between Vecna robots, human pickers, and a 3rd party piece picking robot for an order fulfillment application.

Innovation Statement

Pivot.al groundbreaking AI learns from human and robotic resources, utilizing real-time data to evaluate your material flow and dynamically allocating tasks among available agents based on capabilities, location, and availability, transforming your workflow from rigid to flexible and creating agility within your operation and ensure optimal productivity in any situation.


Vecna’s Pivot.al is the world’s first multi-agent AI Orchestration Engine. It evaluates all available work that needs to be accomplished and dynamically coordinates all resources (robots, humans, and legacy automation) and distributes tasks based on capabilities, location, and availability. It seamlessly couples with your existing systems every player on your team is optimally performing in real time.


Posted Date 10/24/18
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