iDock™ Controls

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Summary of Innovation

iDock Controls are the new controllers used with loading dock equipment from Poweramp, McGuire and DLM. These technologically advanced controllers have an interactive message display, 3-in-1 light communication for a clear indication of the dock conditions, and membrane dome button technology for reliable ease of use. Using the message display on iDock Controls, users can see fault notifications and operation instructions, as well as a menu with dock equipment information, usage of that equipment, maintenance history, and fault history.
iDock Controls are built with a modular design and internal terminal boards. With fault notifications on the menu, and LED lights on the terminal boards, users can easily troubleshoot and find any issues. If a component is damaged, the modular design allows you to replace that one component, rather than the entire box, creating cost savings for users.

Innovation Statement

iDock Controls have a unique interactive message display, which now allows dock operators to view installed dock equipment information and usage, as well as fault notifications and operational instructions. With it's innovative modular design, iDock Controls allows users to replace individual components that might be damaged, rather than the entire control box.


Anyone with a loading dock can now have the option to install powered dock equipment that comes with controllers which allow them to view information and usage of their dock equipment, as well as notifications and maintenance history.


Posted Date 10/15/18
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