RZR Rack

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Summary of Innovation

One of the most prominent dilemmas facing manufacturing today is the lack of floor space. More space means more production and more production means more profit. With floor space at such a premium, what happens when your facility runs out of space? Do you lease or buy additional warehousing space nearby? Do you add an expensive addition to your building?

With RZR Rack, you don’t have to expand out—we take you vertical. RZR Rack is a state-of-the-art solution that utilizes the air space above your existing production floor and expands vertically to provide up to a 60% increase in rack storage density. This also results in 40% floor space savings and an overall reduction in rack requirements. With multiple customization options available, RZR Rack is your all-in-one solution for floor space constraints.

Innovation Statement

RZR Rack effortlessly expands vertically to increase capacity and to allow for easier loading/unloading while also reducing your floor space requirements. Its state-of-the-art design creates an all-in-one solution that can be tailored to your specifications with a variety of available options.


RZR Rack provides better space utilization by expanding vertically, reduces floor space requirements, maximizes your freight and production efficiency, and saves you money by not having to build or buy additional storage space.


Posted Date 10/08/18
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