Warehouse order picking innovation from Sweden


Swedish developer of ergonomic lifting equipment, TAWI, has just released a new innovative solution to increase warehouse order picking efficiency. A fully mobile vacuum lifter making order picking easier, faster and smarter by combining efficient technology with high usability. The lifter is a battery driven standalone unit, easily docked to any forklift or fork truck, ensuring it can be utilized by everyone, everywhere. Due to that the Mobile order picker is using the forklift’s forks the unit is simply classified as an extra load.
Maximum efficiency with minimal effort
Picking orders in a big warehouse? Achieve cost-efficient lifting by using one vacuum lifter on several workstations. The mobile lifter adds value to businesses from the start by allowing the operator to quickly pick up different types of goods. Due to the vacuum lifter the operator can pick up goods up to 175lbs within a 6 1/2 foot range. The unit can easily move from pallet rack to pallet rack, placing the goods directly on a pallet. The unit can also be placed in a container for loading or unloading products either as a standalone unit or attached to a forklift. Mobility, speed and efficiency made easy.
“TAWI Mobile Order Picker optimizes order picking in logistic- and distribution processes both in a  production and warehousing environment by enabling a constant high work flow and by minimizing  the number of unnecessary stops”, Thomas Bra¨utigam, CEO TAWI Holding.
Unique flexibility - pick anything from boxes to toilet seats
The mobile vacuum lifter can be picked up and moved with any type of forklift or fork truck, offering a unique flexibility which sets apart TAWI Mobile Order Picker from its competitors. The fact that it’s a battery driven free-standing unit makes it easy for anyone to use for handling anything from boxes and sacks to car tires and toilet seats. Parking the unit automatically activates the vacuum pump and the operator can start loading goods in no time, picking up goods in one place and then go directly to the next.
Save time and money - improve employee health
Picking up, carrying and placing down goods from pallets and conveyors without the help of ergonomic lifting equipment puts significant strain on the operators back, shoulders and knees. Repeating this many times per day over a long period can lead to long-term musculoskeletal injuries. TAWI lifting solutions are designed to minimize this risk, focusing on ergonomics and safety in every detail. Not only improving employee health but also making it possible to maintain a constant workflow all day, every day.
About TAWI
With progressive and innovative solutions for efficient lifting, we help business worldwide streamline their  manual handling of goods. TAWI head office and production is located in Kungsbacka, Sweden. Our products are exported
 globally through own subsidiaries in US, Canada, UK, France, Netherlands, Germany and Denmark as well as 60 distributors  worldwide. Together we enable people to lift anything they need, anywhere.
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