Servus Intralogistics, an Austrian company, provides material handling systems that merge warehouse and production logistics into a single system. Servus uses intelligent transport robots to integrate all a customer’s logistics processes into one efficient, flexible technology.

Servus’ scalable intralogistics system can grow step by step with a customer’s ever-changing demands. New areas and processes can be added or integrated at any time. Servus’ unique, efficient robotic carrier design creates maximum storage density with seamless access to the automated warehouse. An overhead travel structure allows for robotic carriers to travel uncongested and at maximum speed, freeing valuable floor space. These unique features make Servus Intralogistics an unparalleled partner for distribution and production material handling. In a Servus system, all internal material transport and automated storage are handled by Autonomous Robotic Carriers (ARCs).

Servus Intralogistics GmbH
Doktor-Walter-Zumtobel-Straße 2
Dornbirn, 6850

Phone: +43 5572 22000 300

Kevin Darby
Vice President of Sales

Product Categories

Automated Storage/Retrieval Systems
Automatic Guided Vehicle Systems
Autonomous Mobile Robots