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Typically, companies rely on low-cost, limited function sensors to detect gaps between objects on a conveyor or assembly line. However, it is becoming more typical to have packages side by side with no gaps, which can cause false positives. False and missed detection are common and can result in unnecessary stoppages on the line as well as damage to products and components. Mounted on the side of the conveyor, the Q5X Jam Detection sensor extends the functionality of Banner’s existing dual mode technology to look for a change in signal strength and distance between the face for the sensor and the packages. Since it does not rely on gaps, it can detect jams faster and more accurately than conventional jam photo eyes. Two new teach modes are being introduced with the Q5X jam detection sensor: the jam retroreflective (JRET) mode and jam background suppression (JBGS) mode. JRET mode is the most reliable teach mode that can be used when teaching a back rail or other stationary target as a reference. The JBGS mode allows for jam detection across a specific area without the need for a background.

Innovation Statement

The Q5X Jam Detection sensor is a new model based on our 2m Laser Triangulation sensor, customized to detect product jams commonly found at merge points, chutes, power turs or other challenging locations without the need for external logic. The Q5X uses distance and signal strength to detect conveyor jams more reliably than typical retroreflective sensors which require gaps between products to sense jams.


The Q5X Jam Detection Sensor quickly and accurately detects jams on conveyor lines without relying on gaps between packages, enhancing productivity, preventing damage to products, and reducing equipment wear.


Posted Date2/17/21
ContactDana Holmes
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CategoryBest Innovation of an Existing Product

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Submitted by Banner Engineering Corporation.

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