Summary of Innovation

When COVID-19 first hit the USA, the Utz team, like most consumers, began ordering groceries online. One Team Member began ordering meal prep kits which were shipped in a cardboard box and included a ‘supposedly non-toxic’ gel ice pack. Upon receipt and attempted recycling, the potentially negative impact on the environment was realized, and the team began brainstorming ways to more efficiently and cost effectively transport chilled goods. Throughout the initial design conversations, it was obvious to the team that the Maverick Coolbox could support many industries to aide in the handling of chilled and frozen goods for home delivery, picking and buffering. The robust, rigid container is compatible with AS/RS shuttle and buffer systems for conveyance and storage and includes shell handles on the short sides to accommodate manual handling. What’s more, the rigid, removable interior makes cleaning a breeze for front-line employees.

Innovation Statement

This modular cold chain container can be reconfigured quickly and easily by your front-line team to accommodate both ambient and chilled goods. Protein juice leaks and spills can be cleaned by removing the insert to ensure sanitary transport. Temperature control is created through insulated side walls ensuring goods stay chilled for hours.


Maximize the efficiency of your chilled goods transport with the temperature controlled Maverick Coolbox.


Posted Date2/16/21
ContactAmanda Nichols
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CategoryBest New Innovation

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Submitted by Georg Utz, Inc..

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