Summary of Innovation

Whether it’s large distribution centers, small manufacturing plants, or a variety of commercial spaces, wherever people are gathered, you’ll find harmful pathogens that can cause diseases like COVID-19 and influenza. Big Ass Fans® Clean Air System is designed to destroy those pathogens, providing safer, cleaner air that everyone can enjoy.

Innovation Statement

The Big Ass Fans' Clean Air System pairs scientifically proven air purifying technologies recommended by the CDC and ASHRAE with powerful airflow solutions. The result is a dramatic reduction in potential infection risk of SARS-CoV-2 and other airborne pathogens.


Our novel air disinfection solutions are keeping essential employees safer while on the job delivering the goods and services that keep pur country moving.


Posted Date2/05/21
ContactAlex RIsen
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CategoryBest New Innovation

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Submitted by Big Ass Fans.

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