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1) Power Up Your Robotics Investment with WES
Starts 10:45 AM Ends 11:30 AM Date Monday, April 12
Sponsor Fortna Inc.

Emerging warehouse robotic technology offers promising new capabilities, but how do you harness the power of these state-of-the-art solutions while delivering ROI? Employing a powerful Warehouse Execution System (WES) is essential to putting robotics to work effectively in your warehouse while maximizing ...

2) When to use AMR vs. conveyor
Starts 12:15 PM Ends 1:00 PM Date Monday, April 12
Sponsor IAM Robotics

Standard conveyors have been a staple in warehouses and distribution centers for years. Often, new facilities default to conveyor solutions because of their reliability. Let’s face it, conveyor systems are not going away anytime soon. They serve a purpose and are designed to deliver. However, alternatives ...

3) From Control to Customer Service: Extending the Benefits of Automation Across the Enterprise
Starts 3:15 PM Ends 4:00 PM Date Monday, April 12
Sponsor Apex Supply Chain Technologies LLC

Distribution center automation is moving far beyond conveyor systems and robots. To help increase productivity and extend their resources, many organizations are implementing automated locker solutions for managing mobile assets like RF terminals, scanners, printers and more. These intelligent, self-serve ...

4) Have it your way. Data driven solutions to customize your forklift battery and charger power needs.
Starts 12:15 PM Ends 1:00 PM Date Tuesday, April 13
Sponsor East Penn Manufacturing Co., Inc.

There are more battery technology choices available to power your lift truck fleet than ever before. The key to successfully finding the right solution for your operations is driven by data. Not just generic market data, but data specific to each individual facility based on an in-depth analysis. ...

5) Optimize, Connect, Automate 3.0
Starts 1:15 PM Ends 2:00 PM Date Tuesday, April 13
Sponsor The Raymond Corporation

Seminar Description (4,000 characters): As operations face unprecedented challenges, it’s easy to see the advantages of using semi- and fully automated solutions to increase productivity, address the labor shortage and reduce operator density in a warehouse. However, before jumping into automation, it ...

6) Micro-fulfillment Strategies for the Future of Omnichannel Retail
Starts 2:15 PM Ends 3:00 PM Date Tuesday, April 13
Sponsor Honeywell Intelligrated

Omnichannel fulfillment complexities are permeating every sector of the retail landscape, and companies are adopting micro-fulfillment center (MFC) strategies to improve delivery time frames and shorten the distance between distribution centers (DCs) and their customers. Installed in stand-alone facilities ...

7) Warehouse Management Systems 2021 – That was Then, This is Now
Starts 3:15 PM Ends 4:00 PM Date Tuesday, April 13
Sponsor Softeon

Warehouse Management Systems (WMS) have now existed for some 45 years. While clearly a mature category of supply chain software, WMS continues to re-invent itself with new capabilities to drive additional gains in productivity, service and throughput, and meet new distribution challenges in efulfillment ...

8) Digital Yard Management for the Enterprise: The Next Big Opportunity For Reducing Transportation Costs
Starts 10:45 AM Ends 11:30 AM Date Wednesday, April 14
Sponsor PINC

The COVID-19 pandemic made agility, flexibility, and responsiveness even more critical for supply chain success. Manufacturers, retailers, and distributors have been forced to quickly adapt their supply chain networks and processes to new market realities. As the uncertainties with customer expectations ...