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1) Algood Caster Innovations
Booth # S4679


2) Automha Americas Automation Corporation
Booth # S5153

Automatic storage retrieval systems.

3) Automha Americas Automation Corporation
Booth # S4547

Automatic storage retrieval systems.

4) Cimcorp Automation Ltd.
Booth # S1218

Automated solutions for order picking and order fulfillment Cimcorp provides fully integrated robotic material handling solutions that will automate product handling within the four walls of a distribution center. Our end to end solutions provide order picking, or order fulfillment, developed for full ...

5) Delta-Q Technologies Corp.
Booth # S2891

Industrial battery chargers for material handling equipment.

6) Engineered Lifting Systems & Equipment Inc.
Booth # S4841

Manufacturer of Destuff-IT Unloaders & Restuff-IT Loaders

7) Ideal Warehouse Innovations, Inc.
Booth # S3450

With more than 1100 warehouse and loading dock safety products in our arsenal, Ideal Warehouse Innovations’ products help saves lives, prevent injury and minimize damage and downtime. At Ideal Warehouse Innovations, we help create safer workplaces around the world. We do this by sourcing, designing ...

8) Laminacorr Industries, Inc.
Booth # N6660

Lightweight and durable, FluteCorr® Packaging by Laminacorr is a high-quality corrugated plastic sheet extruded from polypropylene material.

9) Laserglow Technologies
Booth # N6436

Laserglow provides safety solutions for warehouses and industrial environments, where heavy equipment and machinery are operating to permit the safe movement of people within the facility. Using high visible, cost-effective, low maintenance and easy to install LED, Laser and sign projections, we can ...

Booth # S641a

Dock Levelers, Safety, HVLS Fans and Lift Equipment.

11) OTTO Motors
Booth # N7516

OTTO® Motors is making material handling in industrial settings safer, easier, and more efficient through development of hardware and software that automates movement of goods in busy factories and warehouses. OTTO's industry-leading self driving technology provides automated and on-demand material ...

12) Phil Mauer & Associates Inc.
Booth # N6746

Designing, Prototyping, Manufacturing,of Material Handling Containers and Racking.

13) SOTI Inc.
Booth # S4468

Mobile technology has been a major factor in the Transportation and Logistics (T&L) industry for over 20 years, and has caused major shifts in operational capabilities globally. When your customers demand faster and more efficient levels of service, at a lower cost than your competition, mobile technology ...

14) Stromcore Energy Inc.
Booth # S336

Stromcore is the leading designer and manufacturer of Lithium-Ion forklift batteries. We offer intuitive plug-and-play solutions for almost all existing 24V, 36V, 48V and 80V forklifts. By applying the latest in Electric Vehicle (EV) technology, we are redefining productivity with ever faster charge ...

15) Wieland Electric Inc.
Booth # N6230

Manufacture electric control boards for conveyors.