Order Release Module - Dispenser

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Summary of Innovation

The Order Release Module - Dispenser is a high-rate dispenser system for cartons, trays, and other types of packaging. This uniquely engineered technology is an excellent addition in the automation of order fulfillment. The ORM can operate in a small footprint and at a high productivity rate while minimizing the human labor requirement. The product buffering channels are equipped with low friction drive accumulation lanes and require very low energy consumption. The ORM fully automates the dispensing of cases in the correct sequence. The ORM can also be readily expanded by simply adding additional release levels.

The Order Release Module – Dispenser enhances the automation of a customer’s picking, especially the picking of high-volume SKUs. This innovative, well-engineered technology picks faster, safer and more accurate, solving labor issues.

Innovation Statement

The Order Release Module – Dispenser not only solves the labor issue, but it puts out a high production rate. It replaces labor in a traditional full case pick module, eliminating mis-picks, errors, and injuries.


The Order Release Module – Dispenser replaces picking labor from your high-volume SKU pick module, eliminates errors, injuries and mis-picks, and increases your high-volume SKU case picking by 500%.


Posted Date 1/11/19
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