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Organically Grown Company Turns to Randall Manufacturing’s InsulWall® to Quickly Create Seasonal Cooler Rooms and Decrease Labor Costs

Engineered Products
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ELMHURST, IL (September 12, 2016) Organically Grown Company (OGC), one of the Northwest’s largest organic produce distributors, in partnership with Engineered Products, a Papé company, selected InsulWall as a wall system in its new Seattle LEED® Gold facility. GREEN InsulWall is a flexible insulated curtain wall that not only installs and moves easily, but its recycled insulation contributes to LEED® scores. In addition to its GREEN attributes, InsulWall was selected for its modularity to create seasonal produce cooler rooms within hours and reduction in labor costs with InsulWall’s ease of cleaning.
“By selecting InsulWall in our new Seattle LEED Gold distribution facility, we aim to increase our agility in creating temperature-controlled warehouse space for seasonal produce; continue our commitment to sustainability and our LEED gold certification level; and decrease time spent cleaning our walls thus decreasing labor costs and increasing productivity,” said Anthony Seran, project manager at OGC. “Our produce is seasonal and our refrigerated warehouse space is ever changing- InsulWall’s modularity and ease of installation helps us meet our inventory’s needs in a matter of hours, if necessary. In addition, InsulWall’s ease of cleaning allows us to maintain the highest sanitary standards while saving substantial labor hours.”
The organic industry saw its largest dollar gain ever, adding $4.2 billion in sales in 2015, up from the $3.9 billion recorded in 2014. For the fourth year running, the industry saw growth in the double-digits at 10.8%.* The explosive growth of the organic industry mirrors consumer trends who are consuming more fresh, perishable produce and foods requiring more temperature-controlled warehouse storage space.
“OGC’s Seattle distribution facility offers Randall Manufacturing an excellent opportunity to showcase InsulWall’s modularity, ease of installation, and GREEN insulating capabilities,” said Kristine Grudis, warehouse sales manager at Randall Manufacturing. “The organic industry is looking for modern solutions like InsulWall that allow for quick and easy reconfiguration of temperature-controlled warehouse space in a manner that utilizes resources, space and the environment efficiently.”
Randall Manufacturing’s InsulWall is a flexible, modular, insulated warehouse curtain wall. Used in a variety of applications to create warehouse space that partitions temperature and humidity. Its 5’ wide panels are fastened to the ceiling deck and attached to each other with industrial Velcro®. InsulWall installs easily with minimal facility disruption.
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About Organically Grown Company
Organically Grown Company OGC serves over 500 natural and fine foods stores and restaurants located throughout the Northwest, and retail and wholesale accounts in other western states and Canada. OGC works with over 340 vendors and 31.6% of products sold come from Northwest farms. OGC’s trademarked LADYBUG brand represents more than 30 family-owned, organic and Salmon- Safe, certified farms in Oregon, Washington, Idaho and British Columbia and is sold in markets throughout the United States. Its mission is, “Promoting health through organic agriculture as a leading sustainable organization.” Visit online at
About Engineered Products, a Papé Company
Engineered Products, a Papé Company Founded in 1983, Engineered Products has become the West Coast’s largest provider of warehouse, storage, conveyance and allied products to local and national clients. Value-added services beginning with warehouse configuration, system integration, CAD design, Engineering, permitting, material procurement and installation are all specialties of Engineered Products. Contact EP at 800-735-7153 or visit online at
About Randall Manufacturing – Warehouse Division
Randall Manufacturing has been providing flexible wall solutions to warehouses, distribution centers, and workplaces for over fifteen years. With an eye for sustainability, Randall was the first modular wall manufacturer to utilize recycled materials to meet the growing need for GREEN building materials (and that contribute to LEED® scores). Its product offerings include GREEN InsulWall® - the insulated, modular warehouse curtain wall; Randall Industrial Curtain Walls; and insulated pallet covers. For more information Randall’s Warehouse division visit

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