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System Logistics Corporation

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System Logistics is a leading global supplier of innovative solutions of intra-logistics and material handling for the optimization of the supply chain of warehouses, distribution centers, and manufacturing operations worldwide.

With a special focus on the Food & Beverage industry, System Logistics develops tailor made solutions of automated storage and picking for our customers, which include stacker cranes, material handling, software and services.

Most of the technologies we use in our solutions are fully developed and engineered, produced and installed by System Logistics. Therefore, we have complete mastery of the process.

System Logistics has always been part of SYSTEM, a privately owned Group established in Fiorano (Modena, Italy) which develops state-of-the-art solutions for industrial automation in several industries (including ceramics, logistics, packaging).

In April 2016 System Logistics has been acquired (60% of the shares) by KRONES.


System Logistics

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System Logistics Corporation
4760 E. Fulton
Suite 201
Ada, MI 493001

Toll Free: 888-233-6796
Phone: 207-440-5100
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Alfredo Valadez
Sr. Director of Sales & Business Development


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Automated Storage/Retrieval Systems
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