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Stratis Plastic Pallets, a brand of Snyder Industries

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Stratis Pallets, a brand of Snyder Industries, began in Indiana, USA in 1993 and has grown to become one of the world’s leading manufacturers of super heavy-duty one-piece molded plastic pallets. For flexible packaging it makes specialized cradle style plastic pallets for roll handling in-house and for closed loop shipping. In addition, the company makes customized pallet material handling solutions that solve safety and hygiene related problems. These pallets are innovatively designed for maximum ergonomics and can include hidden, molded-in internal steel reinforcement for edge rackability.

Stratis plastic pallets are designed for a broad range of industrial converting applications including flexible packaging, corrugating, folding carton production, printing and metal fabrication, as well as for the pharmaceutical and food processing markets. Today Stratis Pallets is a multi-million dollar international brand with over 3000 customers located in over 60 countries.


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Innovation Award

Multi Roll Stacker Pallet - Roll Stacking Without Racks
This new Stratis Plastic Pallets product was designed to answer these questions: How do I stack my rolls, avoid buying bulky expensive fixed location pallet racks, protect my rolls from damage, reduce waste, speed up handling / converting in the plant AND do it with a stacking divider pallet product that will be useable and safe for many years.. perhaps 20 years or more depending on the plant? Roll diameters on the first version can be up to 81cm ...

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Stratis Plastic Pallets, a brand of Snyder Industries
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Jay Skinner
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