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CASSIOLI offers a wide range of plant engineering solutions. On an area of more than 35000 square meters, the company produces automated warehouses, customized handling systems, laser and induction driven carts, assembly and serving lines, testing systems, picking systems and holding devices for anthropomorphic robots. Besides that, we also offer customized handling systems provided with roller, chain, slar and tape conveyors, depending on the features of the product to convey.Industrial Automation. Whenever it is necessary to transport or manipulate in a more or less automatic the finished product, the semi-finished product, a kit of parts or the raw material, CASSIOLI is able to present the transmission system or storage the most suitable as regards operational capacity, cost, safety, and ergonomics.

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CASSIOLI Automatic Storage System
Raw material, WIP, finished products... the value of goods increasingly depends on the effectiveness and costs of the storage activity. CASSIOLI offers advanced storage systems that provide a high level of service in terms of accuracy of delivery and retrieval, physical preservation of the goods, handling speed and storage density.
CASSIOLI BHS Airport Logistics
Check-in desks, carousels or inclined planes for the return, belt conveyors, Integration of the x-ray or explosive, shunt systems, sorters or continuous ``point to point``: CASSIOLI Airport Division is able to offer all necessary elements for the systems of automatic sorting at high speed.
CASSIOLI Intralogistics Solutions
CASSIOLI provides customized solutions for a wide variety of industrial sectors, offering products and services for integrated logistics solutions. As a System Integrator, CASSIOLI can provide plants complete with electronic control systems for the management of different segments, at competitive prices and without compromising the quality we
CASSIOLI TireMove Solution
Using automation in Tires Sector for the handling, storage and collection of advanced software products for the control of the data and processes: the systems TireMove of CASSIOLI allow to automate the flow of the raw material up to the storage of the finished product. TireMove guarantees to achieve the highest possible throughput for high-quality.
ISAT CASSIOLI Satellite for multi-depth storage
The CASSIOLI iSAT satellite warehouse is specifically designed for high-density pallet storage. The shuttle can work in different shelf configurations and based on different storage logic.The CASSIOLI satellites are extremely compact and are designed using avant-garde technology in terms of mechanical functionality, data transfer, and efficiency.


The high performance levels that may be attained in terms of the use of intensive storage areas usually justify the implementation of an automatic warehouse. Moreover, the greater loading and handling potential, as compared to manual storage systems, make these systems indispensable in specific industrial contexts. Based on the required loading capacity, on the handling capacity and on the type of item to be stored (finished/semi-finished/raw), our technicians will propose the most suited intensive storage system (all CASSIOLI manufactured): . Automatic warehouse with stacker cranes for high storage capacity . AS/RS warehouse systems with unique functions (some of which internationally patented) . Vertical warehouse systems for intensive storage of small and medium-sized items . Satellite warehouse systems for traditional shelving (equipped with handling by stacker crane of lift-truck)

Strategic and technological innovation through a cutting-edge warehouse

CASSIOLI systems TireMove
The CASSIOLI solutions for Tires Sector are revolutionizing the production and distribution of tires for the largest producers in the world.

CASSIOLI Automatic Vehicles
CASSIOLI automatic vehicle or automatic guidance carts, are particularly suited for handling load units in industrial sectors characterized by a high degree of automation, with particularly variable and complex material flows. This product is also effective wherever health and hygiene, microbiological or temperature conditions do not guaranty absolute personnel safety.

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Cassioli presents ISAT at ProMat 2017 3/29/2017

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