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Intralox, LLC

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Sorted by Intralox

Reliable Sorting of Polybags and Eaches -- Activated Roller Belt (ARB) technology sorts polybags, jiffy envelopes, flats and cartons without mis-sorting, damaging, or jamming. ARB is also effective in sorting eaches, such as electronics, household goods, and personal care items. ARB outperforms traditional technologies in diverting bagged products and eaches within a compact footprint.

The Fastest 90-Degree Transfers -- The OMNI-DIRECTIONAL Sorter enables high-rate receiving and sorting up to 3,600+ cases (or totes) per hour. The DARB Sorter S4550 achieves high rate 90-degree sorting on tight divert centerlines. Both products are effective in bi-directional sorting and high-speed merging applications.

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Polybag whitepaper
Effective handling of polybags, envelopes, and parcels


This patented Intralox technology is capable of high-rate rejecting, merging, pass through applications, and selective diverting.

Polybag Sorting by Intralox
High-speed sorting of polybags, padded envelopes, flats, and cartons on the same conveyor

Intralox ARB Sortation Systems
Intralox sortation systems provide gentle and precise sorting of items within a small footprint.

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