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CubiScan - Dimensioning and Weighing Systems

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CubiScan® dimensioning and weighing systems will quickly and accurately measure boxed or irregular shaped items located within a distribution center or shipping application. Precise cubic dimensions captured by the CubiScan are designed to maximize storage space and enhance cartonization methods, which can reduce the use of packaging materials and potentially decrease rising shipping costs. It can also benefit the environment by reducing packaging waste and minimizing transportation fuel costs and carbon emissions. Static, In-line, and pallet cubing systems are available and can easily integrate with third party hardware and software solutions.

The CubiScan® 75 is an advanced overhead 3D dimensioning system designed to quickly and accurately measure parcels within the common shipping line. This new cubing device will instantly measure boxes and irregular-shapes such as polybags, tubes, and many other custom packages with precision, ultimately saving shippers thousands of dollars


CubiScan 100 (mobile cubing system for cases and some irregulars)
CubiScan 110 (Shipping and warehousing device)
CubiScan 1200-AKL (Pallet dimensioning system for large freight)
CubiScan 125 (Mobile dimensioning system for odd shapes and case in one)
CubiScan 150 (Freight manifesting for outbound shipments or receiving)
CubiScan 200-TS (In-line dimensioner and built-in scale for freight manifesting)
CubiScan 210 (High Speed dimensioning system, integration)
CubiScan 25 (Designed to measure small odd-shaped items)
CubiScan 75 (Parcel shipping measuring device)
Qbit Software (Custom cubing software for data transfer to WMS, TMS, parcel shippers, etc)

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Innovation Award

CubiScan® 325
The CubiScan® 325 is an advanced dimensioning system designed to accurately measure and weigh those difficult, irregular-shaped items for distribution, packaging and warehouse fulfillment. The 325 integrates infrared sensing technology to measure smaller and much larger odd-shaped objects, in one comprehensive cubing and weighing system. The innovative 325 creates a flexible and economical solution for today’s most demanding cubing and weighing applications. The ...

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