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Carer Electric Forklift Solutions

Booth #S1259

Carer is a global business specializing in the production of high capacity electric forklifts. With a growing demand for businesses to reduce their carbon foot print, Carer focuses on providing green materials handling solutions for applications where diesel or gas powered IC lift trucks were previously the only option.

Carer Forklifts is proud to offer an exclusive range of counterbalanced electric forklift trucks with capacities up to 44,000 lbs— the highest capacity electric forklifts in the North American market.

Providing exceptional performance and considerable savings on overall running costs, Carer improves efficiency while reducing harmful emissions and noise pollution.

Innovation Award

The A Series
With a unique operating system at 96 volts [two 48 volt standard batteries] and a specially designed hydraulic system, the A Series features a line of high capacity forklifts equipped to operate in all applications, indoor or outdoor. Carer has expertly designed the A Series to ensure complete protection against the intrusion of dirt and liquids, making electric solutions a viable option for all applications. With capacities of up to 22,000lbs and ...
The R160
Carer Electric Forklifts continues to redefine industry standards with their commitment to providing high capacity materials handling industries with green solutions. The R160 is the culmination of Carer technology; with a capacity of 35,000lbs, the R160 was expertly designed to pair efficient energy consumption with maximum force. As the only high capacity pneumatic tire electric forklift on the market with a capacity of 35,000lbs, the developers ...

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Carer Electric Forklift Solutions
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