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Fives Intralogistics Corp.

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Fives offers a complete line of automated sortation and singulation equipment with over 650 installations in the courier, postal, baggage handling, distribution and E-commerce markets. Fives is positioned to help our customers meet their system requirements and operational challenges in a highly competitive marketplace, partnering to provide the best overall solution.


ACCORD singulator
LPS 70

Innovation Award

GENI-Flex Sorter
From big screen televisions to automotive parts, couriers and distribution centers are seeing huge increases in items that are oddly shaped, too large, or too heavy to be compatible with traditional automated sorting equipment. Today, these non-compatible items are handled manually at multiple points in the sortation process, all of which carry the potential for serious injury and a higher processing cost. The Fives Intralogistics GENI-Flex can ...
SOLI-XK Singulator
The Fives Intralogistics SOLI-XK expands on the ground-breaking work of its predecessor — the LPS — to bring you unprecedented throughput and an expanded range of singulated product, including bags or packages with non-flat bottoms. Integral to any high speed automated material handling system is the ability to arrange packages in a single-file line with proper gapping between packages. This is essential for correct scanning, dimensioning, weighing, ...

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Fives Intralogistics Corp.
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Andy Carter
Director of Sales & Marketing


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