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J-tec Industries, Inc.

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J-tec Industries, Inc. is the inventor, designer and manufacturer of the highly acclaimed CarryMore Tugger Cart System. This completely mechanical Mother/Daughter Cart system safely and efficiently carries parts through manufacturing and assembly facilities, eliminating the need for fork truck use in high traffic areas. The patented "Elemate" technology lifts CarryMore Daughter Carts and their casters off the floor when loaded, allowing for both rigid and swivel caster configurations on Daughter Carts. This avoids unnecessary wear on casters and limits noise. In addition, when removing Daughter Carts from Mother Carts, the CarryMore gravity-assist unloading feature virtually eliminates any pulling or straining motion for operators, a unique ergonomic advantage of the system. Its Quad-Steer Tight-Turn Technology assures an almost perfect follow pattern for each cart in a train, making the CarryMore system a perfect fit for tight aisle use. J-tec specializes in custom designs, as well.


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J-tec CarryMore Dual TQDC-40 Mother Cart
Manufacturing, assembly and distribution centers worldwide are insisting on incorporating LEAN methodologies throughout their locations. J-tec Industries, Inc. designs and manufactures tugger cart systems that solve those needs. The CarryMore® model TQDC-40 is J-tec's newest addition to its mechanically-operated CarryMore® Tugger Cart System fleet of Mother/Daughter Carts. In 2016, J-tec re-engineered its popular 3000 lb.-capacity TDC-30 center-steer, ...

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Jon McKee
Director of Marketing


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