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EuroSort Inc.

Booth #S2026

EuroSort, Inc (Owings Mills, MD) specializes in manufacturing High-Speed Unit Sortation Systems for a variety of applications, including order fulfillment, returns, postal sorting, kitting and store replenishment.

EuroSort sorters improve the productivity, accuracy and efficiency of companies needing to sort pharmaceuticals, books, multi-media, mail, reverse logistics, jewelry, office supplies, e-commerce, accessories, apparel and garments, to name a few.

Types of Sorters:
EuroSort Bomb Bay Sorter (Single, Dual)
EuroSort Push Tray Sorter (Single, Twin)
EuroSort Tilt Tray Sorter (Single, Dual, Quad)
EuroSort Sweeper Sorter

Export Markets

North America
Central America
South America
Northern Europe
Eastern Europe
Southern Europe
Western Europe
Eastern Asia
South-Eastern Asia
Southern Asia

Innovation Award

EuroSort Twin Push Tray Sorter
EuroSort (Owings Mills, MD), a leader in innovative sortation solutions, has developed a Twin Push Tray Sorter, effectively doubling the available throughout of the incredibly versatile EuroSort Single Push Tray Sorter previously available. With a large sortable product range from 2”x3”x0.1” up to 31.5’x23.5’x20’ and from .1g up to 55 lbs., the Twin Push Tray Sorter allows for one machine to handle it all at rates of up to 26,600 trays/hour.

Contact Exhibitor

EuroSort Inc.
55 New Plant Court
Owings Mills, MD 21117

Phone: 410-413-5599
Fax: 410-363-6556

Nick Herbon
Regional Sales Manager


Product Categories

Order Picking Fulfillment & Delivery
Plant/Facility Equipment
Sortation Equipment
Supply Chain Execution Systems