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Triathlon Battery Solutions, Inc.®

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TRIATHLON® is an assembly manufacturer and developer of Lithium-Ion and Lead-Acid batteries and chargers. TRIATHLON® produces batteries for a wide range of industrial motive power applications including electric forklifts and pallet trucks, mobile lifting platforms and cleaning machines. A solid network of sales and service partners in Germany, Europe and the United States provide competent solution based advice and both flexible and reliable onsite service. Decades of experience and technical expertise, combined with state of the art production facilities ensure the highest quality of motive power batteries available.


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Triathlon Lithium Ion Battery Systems
Lithium Ion battery technology is changing the way business in the industrial motive power market is done. Triathlon® is leading the way with a “Lead Out - Lithium In” approach. Triathlon® Lithium Ion systems are designed for the heaviest usage applications. A fully discharged Lithium Ion battery can be fully charged within 1-2 hours, thus opportunity charging at any available time is encouraged and necessary. Innovative features include: • An ...
Triathlon Tubular Flex lead acid batteries
Triathlon Battery Solutions, Inc. is the first to provide flexible bolt-on inter-cell connectors and termination leads in the standard BCI/US industrial cell sizes. This “bolt-on” innovation changes the way batteries can be serviced in the field. Further, we have increased the height of the steel tray so it rises above the cell height and added other features such as cable harnesses, spiral protective binding on the cables and QR code identification. ...

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Triathlon Battery Solutions, Inc.®
631 Southwestern Blvd. #140
Coppell, TX 75234

Phone: 469-301-2128

Dale Disch
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