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MacroAir, the inventor and one of leading innovators of the HVLS (High Volume Low Speed) fan, brings cost-effective cooling and heating solutions to your warehouses and distribution centers.
HVLS fans provide climate control by creating a cooling effect, controlling humidity, and conserving heat. The cooling effect generated by HVLS fans decreases the effective temperature by 8°F. This provides exponential comfort for non-climatized spaces and notable monetary savings for air conditioned spaces. Constant air circulation minimizes the risks of humidity, including damage to product and equipment as well as slipping hazards, by mixing the air and preventing moisture deposits. Running MacroAir fans in reverse pulls the warm air up at the ceiling down to the employees at ground level.
Because of their efficient design, it only costs about a dollar a day to run a MacroAir HVLS fan. You can easily control your fans by networking them or integrating them into your building management system.

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