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Fast and accurate sales order processing is arguably the most important step towards supply chain optimization.
Portalink technology enables you to automate the processing of sales orders from end-to-end, between buyers and suppliers, regardless of their size, with 100% accuracy.
Efficient sales order processing through automation leads to faster order to shipment cycles, reduction in errors, better use of resources, smaller environmental footprint, better customer service and ultimately more sales.
Our solution is cloud-based, so there is no requirement to invest in additional hardware or software; and there is no need to change existing business processes. It is non-invasive, compatible, simple to implement, cost-effective and realizes benefits instantly.
To prove to you that our solution is very bit as good as we say it is, you can "try before you buy", with our Risk Free Trial. This allows you to test our capability, with your data, in a safe, parallel, production environment

Media Library

Customer Case Study: CNP Brands
Discover how a business with a multi-brand distribution reduced data entry errors and accelerated its fulfillment process with the help of Portalink.
Customer Case Study: Kincrome
Discover how a business with a complex supply chain redirected resources from manual data input activity into direct customer service activity with the help of Portalink.
Customer Case Study: Rhino Rack
Discover how an international business improved productivity and reduced costs with the help of Portalink.
Introduction to Portalink Brochure
Learn more about the true cost to your supply chain of not automating transactions and the range of instant benefits available should you decide to tackle this challenge.
Portalink Risk Free Trial Offer
Turn assumptions into reality – with no risk to your business. Test our capability with your data and take advantage of an invaluable opportunity to try before you buy.


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