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Destuff-IT/Engineered Lifting Systems

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More technology is being adopted within DCs & 3PLs, including the dock area. For years, step stools have been used to help unload trailers, but now there is a better way to unload.

Destuff-IT machines are revolutionizing how DCs & 3PLs are handling floor-loaded product in trailers & containers. From the Americas to Europe and Australia, organizations are recognizing the benefits of using a Destuff-IT.

Whether your goal is to increase productivity, increase the health & safety of your workforce, and/or improve worker morale, the Destuff-IT is designed to make working in the can easier, safer and faster.

These ergonomic assists are designed to aid workers tasked with loading & unloading loose-load product. Operators experience more throughput & greater handling capacity with less fatigue & muscle strain because of optimal positioning to the box wall.

Discover the benefits of the Destuff-IT!

Media Library

Case Study: 3PL Experiences Success with Loading & Unloading
Read both the improved productivity claims and how ergonomic value was realized by a 3PL after Destuff-IT machines were added to their operation.
Case Study: Reconfiguring Dock Layout
Read how one operation significantly benefited from introducing a Destuff-IT machine and changing the layout on their inbound docks .
Case Study: Unloading Food Product
This case study highlights how a national food distributor increased their case rate when testing the Destuff-IT vs the standard way of unloading a trailer.
Case Study: Unloading General Merchandise
Significant savings are realized when a international company adds a Destuff-IT to their unloading operation.
Case Study: Unloading Wine
Read how a wine & liquor distribution centre forecast an annual savings of over $120,000 with their Destuff-IT machines.
Destuff-IT - Machine Data Sheet
Review the specifications of a Destuff-IT machine.
Destuff-IT Platform Options
Determine which operator platform is best for your operation by reviewing the specs & benefits of each size.
Destuff-IT Productivity Gains Sheet
Contrast your operation against productivity realized in various warehouses, 3PLs & DCs currently using a Destuff-IT.
Discover the Benefits of the Destuff-IT
Brochure highlighting the benefits of these ergonomic assists for manually loading & unloading floor-loaded product from trailers and containers.
Who has a Competitve Advantage in Your Industry?
View a listing of some Destuff-IT clientele. Find out who in your industry has found a better way to load & unload floor-loaded product from trailers & containers.
Yes! We can move tires!
Destuff-IT machines aren't just for moving boxes. Review this information sheet for more data on our tire handling option.


The difference unloading with a Destuff-IT
This short video highlights how easy is it to use a Destuff-IT machine to unload floor-loaded product from a trailer or container. With a Destuff-IT, workers easily handle product because of optimal positioning to the box wall.

What do you need to unload?
This video highlights a variety of floor-loaded product being unloaded with the aid of a Destuff-IT machine. The pivoting conveyor enables an operator to adjust the horizontal and vertical position of the belt for optimal positioning to the box wall. The conveyor is capable of moving up to 165 lbs (75 kg) on a 30° incline.

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