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AGV Solutions

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AGV Solutions offers Automated Guided Vehicle Systems! As members of the AGVE Group of companies and the exclusive North and South American representative for AGV Electronics, we offer a complete line of AGVs: Fork Lift, Unit Load, Tugger, and custom designs fitting applications from 10 pounds to 100 tons with lifting heights up to 40 feet. For 30+ years, the AGVE Group has manufactured 2500+ AGVs worldwide in a multitude of industries. Our state-of-the-art AGV controls are used in 3500+ AGVs.
AGV Manager (AGVM), a Windows based program, manages AGV traffic, routing, AGV selection, GUI, and reports for AGVs. We use all wheel configurations and navigation methods including laser, vision, contour, wire, magnet, and inertial. Laser Guided AGVs are flexible, adaptable, and provide ease in changing, adding, and modifying routes to meet future needs. Specializing in new AGV Systems, upgrades, retrofits, maintenance, and spare parts, we are your AGV Solution!

Innovation Award

Automated Guided Vehicle - A4
The A4 is a straightforward Fork Lift AGV with oodles of flexibility used in manufacturing and warehousing. A4 AGVs can be used with a multitude of guidance methods including Laser, Contour, Tape, Wire and Magnet. With a lift height of up to 24 feet and many mast options using single, double, triple and even quad masts, the A4 AGV can be used as a counter balance, outrigger or fork-over configuration. AGV Systems are no longer complicated and costly ...

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AGV Solutions
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Phone: 704-243-8300

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